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Trusted Partner

Mereo Networks is your one hand to shake for enterprise network solutions.

Strategic Partner

Partnering with developers, owners, and property managers to connect communities with fiber-based infrastructure, data integration, and content services.

Net Operating Income (NOI Lift)

Potential lift from a property managed with our solution is averaged around $150,000 a year. *Dependent on services selected and door count.

Single Source Solution

Single source support from design to deployment to management. Our infrastructure gives residents property-wide ubiquitous connectivity.

Connectivity Management Platform

Serves as a base for delivery of services including content and IoT which allows residents to enjoy a level of convenience, ease, and performance throughout the property.

Project Design

Our team develops the network design, integration, installation, and monitoring services for your connectivity technology systems.

Cisco Ruckus & Ubiquiti network hardware and equipment from Netpro networks in salt lake city utah

Dedicated Fiber Internet

Our enterprise-class fiber network is dedicated to your property ensuring 100% bandwidth availability and zero network congestion.