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Mereo Networks Privacy Statement

NetPro Networks LLC dba Mereo Networks “Mereo” knows that privacy is very important to our customers. We have crafted this privacy statement to outline our use and collection of your Personally Identifiable Information “PII”. Mereo Networks will not share, disseminate, or otherwise distribute your information in any ways not described in this document.


Personally Identifiable Information

Your Name, Phone Number, Mailing Address, Service Location Address, Local or Publicly Assigned IP Information, or Email Address. Additionally, Mereo may collect credit card or ACH banking information when an individual contracts directly with Mereo for additional services and provides such information to Mereo.

Service or Services

Mereo provides (the “Services”) a monitored and managed Local Area Network “LAN” or Wireless Local Area Network “WLAN”, collectively the “Network”, through which residential or business consumers may gain access to the Internet as part of a lease or homeowners association agreement for which Mereo has contracted with the property representative (“Property Rep”) for support and management of the Network.

Third Party

Any person, entity, or organization who is not a direct beneficiary or contracting agent for the Services.

Network Data

Mereo collects data through automatic system logging and data flow systems (“Network Data”) which contain source and destination Internet Protocol addresses, domain name, date and time indicators, and other network layer protocol header information per our service level agreements with the Property Rep.

What is Collected and How

Mereo collects PII for the purposes of management and support of the Services and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Mereo will ask for your PII when an individual contacts Mereo support or acquires additional Services. Mereo also automatically collects certain Network Data which aids in the support and management of the Network.

When and With Whom we Share

Mereo will not share, use or sell your PII to any Third-Party beneficiary unless pursuant to our compliance with legal or regulatory statutes. Mereo records all calls, both inbound and outbound, for the purposes of training and quality assurance. Automatically collected Network Data may be used for compliance with regulations of internet service regulators or government agencies.

Data Retention

Mereo retains Network Data for a minimum of 30 days, but not longer than 90 days unless otherwise required by law. Mereo retains PII for all related customers of a Services location for a period of 5 years after the Service location account termination.


Any entity or individual may request the details of any PII Mereo has collected; May correct and update errors within PII data; Request copies of their own PII stored by Mereo.

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Mereo reserves the right to change, modify, and update this document as needed or warranted by regulatory changes. We recommend you regularly review this document as posted at www.mereonetworks.com/privacystatement.  Should Mereo make a material change to this statement we will post a notice visible on www.mereonetworks.com homepage. Any such material change shall take effect 30 days after any such notice. Mereo shall keep the effective version of this statement publicly available at www.mereonetworks.com/privacystatement.



Last Revised: July 2, 2021