Service Experience

Custom Solutions, Unmatched Service

One of Mereo Networks’ unique differentiators in the bulk technology industry is our dedication to an exclusive service experience to meet the unique needs of all customers. Whether you are an Owner, General Contractor, Property Manager, or Resident, our team of industry experts meets your needs and delivers tailored benefits to enhance your experience.


  • Differentiated technology solutions to match the resident profile of the building
  • Flexible financing options
  • Path to a potential NOI lift
  • Flexible to fit ownership requirements

General Contractors / Architects

  • Valued partner in the life cycle of the construction project with dedicated Mereo Project Manager and Construction Manager assigned for each project
  • Pulse surveys throughout the project
  • 40 years of experience designing networks and low-voltage solutions

Property Managers

  • Dedicated Mereo Property Account Manager and Technical Account Manager
  • Property Technology Handbook for all Mereo systems at your property
  • Ongoing training for on-site staff
  • Host on-site events
  • Single point of contact for multiple technology offerings for streamlining and greater interoperability of services


  • 24/7 in-house domestic customer support
  • Market-leading speed and connectivity at a discounted price compared to retail offerings
  • Ongoing how-to articles and service updates to improve user experience

Resident Reviews

"Mr. Isaiah Harris! Very knowledgeable, very personable. You can tell he likes what he does, he genuinely likes helping people, and he makes you feel very important. Honestly, he’s the best IT person I’ve ever encountered. I didn’t need to over explain anything and he didn’t assume my issue. AND I could understand him and him me! Not only is he lively, but he is considerate! Thank you so much Isaiah and we will ask for you every time!"
Alexus Jackson
"Troy was absolutely INCREDIBLE! He helped me with exactly with what I needed. He was patient and kind and I can’t praise him enough. I am so so happy he was the one to pick up the phone and help me get my Internet back up and working!"
Sam Duran

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