Post-Launch Support

Customer Success

Ensuring Customer Success

At Mereo, we know that assisting our customers continues after a property is live. We also understand that our efficient and timely support to residents helps as a compelling selling point for a property and can help retain residents. As your trusted partner, we take that seriously.

Support & Service Experience

We have dedicated field service, property account managers (PAM), technical account managers (TAM), and an in-house support center for ongoing post-launch support available to property managers and residents.

  • Beginning at the project launch, we introduce our PAM and TAM teams.
  • Our PAM team provides the voice of our property management, developer, and ownership groups inside our organization. Each community is assigned a specific PAM team member who will remain with that property as a dedicated resource for site management teams, regional managers, and ownership personnel.
  • PAM team members can help ensure the timely completion of one-off-site specific requests, provide sponsorships or swag materials for resident events, coordinate training with our TAM team, or support resident functions.

Regardless of the need, our PAM team is here to answer everyday questions and expedite issues as they arise.

Service Excellence
Technical Assets

Integrated Technical Assets

In tandem with the PAM team, our TAM team members act as integrated technical assets to help solve/ advise/ and explain the unique technology, documentation, or solution challenges in the community. Our TAM team members work with our in-house engineering and design personnel to draft a consolidated Solution Handbook for all installed services in the community. TAM team members can further assist throughout the community lifecycle in onsite training and advisement as property managers or other site staff teams move on and off the community.

Focus On Experience

Our focus on experience extends through the entire support chain with our in-house support operations center. We segment remote support into three tiers to effectively manage support requests and ensure users needing assistance are greeted by professional, personable, and friendly support agents charged with solving issues, not meeting metrics of call time. In our experience, 95% of support problems resolve themselves through remote support. Our on-staff field service team members are available to dispatch if need be. If dispatch is required, Mereo Networks team members will deploy the tools and training needed to resolve any physical issue.

Call Center Experience

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