What is Fiber Internet?

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is a high-speed service that uses fiber-optic cables to transmit data. These cables are made of glass or plastic and use light to carry information over long distances. Fiber Internet is faster and more reliable than traditional copper or coaxial cable Internet because it can transmit more data at higher speeds without signal loss or interference. In apartment buildings, fiber internet is often installed in high-density residential complexes to provide residents with fast and reliable internet access.

What is bulk managed Wi-Fi?

Bulk-managed Wi-Fi is a service that allows communities (multifamily complexes) to outsource the management and maintenance of their Wi-Fi networks. This service typically includes the installation, configuration, and ongoing support of Wi-Fi access points, as well as network monitoring and troubleshooting. Managed Wi-Fi can help properties save time, reduce costs, and ensure their networks are secure, fast, and reliable.

What is bulk managed Wi-Fi?
Benefits of bulk managed Wi-Fi

Benefits of bulk managed Wi-Fi & Internet

Guaranteed Speeds
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Ubiquitous Managed Network for Multifamily Properties

A ubiquitous managed network allows for a private wireless network to follow residents wherever they are in a multifamily community. Residents, property staff, and guests can access stored media or other personal resources from the parking garage to the gym and the pool.

Managed Network

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