Mereo's pre-construction process for installing fiber Internet and IoT services begins with a site survey to assess the feasibility of the installation. This involves evaluating the building's infrastructure, layout, and potential installation obstacles. Our survey will also consider the building's current and future network requirements and any regulatory or permitting requirements we may need to obtain.

Our in-house engineers will develop a detailed design and engineering plan based on the site survey results. This plan will outline the specific equipment, materials, and labor required for the installation and any potential challenges that may need attention during the installation process.

Pre-Construction Planning

Installation preparation

Once the design and engineering plan is complete, our in-house installation team will begin preparing for the actual installation. Elements may include:
- Ordering equipment and materials
- Scheduling labor
- Coordinating with other contractors or stakeholders involved

Communication and collaboration are essential throughout the pre-construction process to ensure the installation's success. By working closely with building owners, managers, and other stakeholders, the installation team can create a plan that meets the building's unique needs and delivers high-speed fiber Internet to your residents.


Safety Guidelines

The safety and well-being of our employees, property staff/residents, and the public are of paramount importance. We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment by proactively working to prevent accidents, injuries, and potential hazards when operating on a live site. Preventative safety measures start with:

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Safety Education & Training
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Incident / Near Miss Reporting
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Continuous Improvement Discussions
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Regular safety Audits & Lessons Learned
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Establish Efficient Lines of Communication

Safety for Residents / Staff

Our commitment to the safety of your residents and staff starts from the first kick-off meeting. Once the construction schedule is approved, we will create a communication plan to keep residents and property managers informed and aware of when construction will happen.

Construction has inherent hazards. To ensure safety, installation managers will secure areas where shoring/trenching is under construction to keep non-essential personnel, employees, and residents from unintentionally strolling through the site. Barricades, signage, and strict enforcement are the best ways to avoid safety issues. When working in residents' homes and areas accessible by residents and staff, somebody will cover circuit materials with safety tape or cord covers to identify potential trip hazards.


During construction, our installation team will run fiber optic cables throughout the building and property, ensuring each smart home device connects to the Internet. Our installation team will also work with the construction team (General Contractors, Architects, and Owners) to ensure that the smart home devices and access points are correctly installed and integrated into the building’s design.

Once the construction is complete, we will test the smart home devices and manage the Wi-Fi connection to ensure they function correctly and connect to the Internet. This may involve setting up user accounts and configuring the devices to work together seamlessly.

Fiber Optic Construction

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