How to Submit a Help Ticket

Nate Schwartz, Customer Support, Team Lead

At Mereo Networks, we strive to provide industry-leading networking solutions. However, more than providing the best technology is required. To maintain our cutting-edge networking systems, we provide 24/7 support coverage. Should any issues arise, we are always here to offer an efficient white-glove solution. To accommodate the various needs of our customers, we have multiple avenues of communication open to reach our support team.

The most direct way to reach our Customer Service team is at 801-478-7201. Agents are available 24/7 to take your call. Our data shows that call-generated tickets are, on average, handled one business day faster than emailed tickets. This is the best way to contact our support team if you're looking for the quickest resolution possible.

To best provide a one-call resolution to your issues, we recommend that residents or property managers call in on-location while the problem is occurring. By calling in this way, our Tier 1 agents can run through all the necessary troubleshooting steps to restore proper function to your devices. Should the issue require a higher-level resolution, our phone agents can reach out to more advanced teams directly, taking ownership of the process and providing you with the following steps for resolution on the call.

If you are not immediately available to troubleshoot with our phone support staff or have any less-pressing questions or issues, we receive support emails at Emailing this address will automatically create a ticket in our system for an agent to follow up. While we do provide same-day responses for all tickets received, for best results, please be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • The name of the property
  • Your building/unit number
  • The nature of the issue (what's happening, how long it's been happening, frequency of the issue, etc.)

The more details of the issue you can include in your email will help our agents narrow their troubleshooting path and resolve your problem quicker. Additionally, if you'd like to call in to finish troubleshooting at any point in the process, our system will provide you with a ticket number for your email submission. Calling in with that number will allow our phone agents to efficiently pull up your ticket and pick up from where the email chain left off.

Our Customer Service is committed to providing efficient, quality service for our customers. Now that you know how best to reach out, we're excited to provide that service to resolve any issues you bring. We aim to be more than just your vendor and look forward to becoming your trusted partner.

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